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Jul 14, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: connie britain and kyle chandler won for "friday night lights." and steve carell was also nominated for best actor in a comedy. abc news. >> we've been talk about the picture perfect weather. if this sounds good, go to westminster for the songs at 6:30 concert series. that's where lynette charles is tonight. >> reporter: all right, so i'm here, live. i'm in westminster now. i'm at the library on this beautiful july day. i had to get out and see what's going on. we have a concert series here. i have someone that will tell you all about it. let me bring in the branch manager. hi, thank you for being here. tell us what's going on tonight. >> tonight is the second of the songs at 6:30 concert series. we're bringing that here to the library. we're excited about it. >> reporter: that's awesome, you'll have good music as well. how long has this been going on? >> this is the second concert that we've hosted. last month, we had a successful lunch at the library concert series. now, we have this gorgeous stage behind us, we're lucky to be able to host this. next thursday, we have th
Jul 12, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: just before gordon brown became britain's prime minister he and his wife discovered their infant son had system fibrosis. that family drama was splashed all over the front page of the sun. >> in tears your son is not going to being broadcast across the media. you are upset about it. >> reporter: the sunday times was allegedly using known criminals to hack into brown's tax records and bank account. >> i'm shocked. i'm generally shocked to find that this happened because of the links with criminals, known criminals who are undertaking this activity. >> reporter: even the royals were targeted. there are damming allegations that murdock management knew that the news of the world had breached state security but didn't tell police. it alleged the royal reporter asked the editor for $1,600 so he could buy the green book which contained the confidential phone numbers of the royal family. >> it is an appalling breach of security. >> reporter: the crisis is spinning out of control for murdock. a huge deal to expand his ownership of tv here is collapsingment he is being called to tes
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2